Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

The firm's attorneys prosecute and defend various business and personal disputes. Ms. Franklin has nearly a decade of experience in a wide array of litigated cases. Our attorneys also have experience in the field of arbitration. Dispute resolution alternatives, such as mediation, may resolve some disputes but it is important to have a representative who can represent you during negotiations and at trial.

Civil Rights

The Constitution grants rights and it is important that those rights are protected. It is vital that rights are not violated or abused. The firm has represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil rights cases.

Employment Law and Litigation

Employment law continues to grow and become more complex as time passes. Employers and employees must be aware of the rights and requirements that stem from these laws. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it is important that you are aware of your rights and keep them protected. Our practice has extensive experience in this field, and we have represented large and small businesses, governmental entities, and plaintiffs in employment related matters.

Entertainment Law

The attorneys in this firm have experience in this area of the law, which often encompasses issues related to the drafting, interpretation and execution of contracts, intellectual property rights, related tort issues, as well as issues of statutory regulation. This area of law requires skill in negotiating deals, drafting documents, and litigating disputes that may arise. We have performed legal services for musical entertainers, actors, authors, and management entities.

Non-Compete and Trade Secret Agreements

With competition growing in markets today, employers must protect the secrets to their success. The law is there to protect these rights, but employers need knowledgeable counsel to help protect these rights fairly. On the other hand, employees need counsel to assist them if agreements are oppressive. The firm works with employers and employees on these issues, and can assist you with this area as well.

Business and Corporate Law

From starting a company to winding it down, our firm can help you with every aspect. Whether you need counsel regarding the best structure for you business or need assistance with drafting contracts or negotiation, our firm can help. We offer a full service corporate practice and we are dedicated to helping you reach your business goals.

Trademark Registration and Disputes

Protecting your intellectual property is an important matter especially in this global marketplace. A law firm can help you through the process of protecting your trademarks. Attorneys counsel clients and represent clients in selecting a trademark, registering the mark, and handling oppositions.

Internet Law

With the growth of the Internet, there has been an increased need for technology lawyers. The firm has counseled clients via web reviews, written opinions, and drafts of legal disclaimers. In addition to offering these services, the firm also has knowledge of domain disputes, meta tag issues, and other issues plaguing technology law today.